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A Moment of Silence for The Sick Dying Trees of Parc Angrignon in Montreal


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Please go to this link to learn much more and to understand why this is happening world wide.

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Ashley Law Highlighted comment
Very powerful presentation you are correct latest on California tide pools here – yes they are dead too only 1 mutant starfish rocks either bleached dead or covered in black goo. The Pacific is broken the soup of life has been killed the oxygen producing plankton is dead the whales are dying of starvation there are no more fish in the sea. –
Fukushima news; Carmel California tide pools DEAD, 12/10/2016

Published on Dec 10, 2016

The Great Pacific Genocide, Kevin Doc blanch ;;; 801-452-1908
I have visited and video these exact tide pools post Fukushima 3 time, worse everytime, now Officaly completely DEAD

Jim Nelson
Will we be soon an extient civilization?

Joanne Cremer beautiful tribute to a very very sad situation. I mourn for the trees every single day.

Hey Kevin, thanks for all your truthful, funny, but sad videos. I live down the coast below Big Sur. Cayucos by the sea. I check our tide pools. The sea anomies, the things you push your finger into, are way, way, less, but still some left. Way less starfish, no more tiny octopus, in which were hard to find. The fishing is still good, no visible liasons on the fish, cod, rock cod, dabbers, cabazon, seem OK ? ? I’m afraid to get a geiger counter. No one likes to talk about it, because it is so sad. Everyone loves the ocean and life. Radaition likes the colder waters; Vancouver island the barnacles on the docks are gone. Dana Dunford knows his stuff. Yuotube him, if you doing research.
Wakey Wakey
bravo good sir.
The Analyst
Can you make a before and after video? What it used to look like vs now? Thank
Definitely all part of this;
Climate Engineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington ( )

Published on Dec 20, 2016
For over 7 decades global climate engineering programs have been expanding in scope and scale. For over 7 decades the decimation these programs have inflicted on planet Earth has been accumulating. The biosphere on which all life depends has already been pushed past the breaking point on countless fronts. Though there are a great many forms of anthropogenic activity contributing to the ongoing destruction of Earth’s climate and life support systems, climate engineering/geoengineering/weather warfare is mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we face (short of nuclear cataclysm). Exposing and halting the ongoing global climate engineering assault must be made our top priority if we are to have any chance of salvaging what still remains of Earth’s life support systems. This live PowerPoint presentation addresses the true severity of the threat we face from covert climate modification programs.
My deepest gratitude to former CIA officer Kevin Shipp for emceeing the Northern California event at which this presentation was given.
Other speakers at this recent Northern California event included former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, VAXXED director Dr. Andrew Wakefield, VAXXED documentary producer Del Bigtree, and VAXXED producer Polly Tommy.
From climate engineering to forced vaccinations, the walls are closing in. All of us are needed in the critical effort to sound the alarm.

The Analyst
It’s really insane. How do we even win this. They are too powerful and people are too scared and dumb down to understand. Sad. It’s everywhere
Felix Siam
Born2Lv Volcanoes
Maybe the Uptake of cesium and other radionuclides are killing the trees. People fail to realize trees give out oxygen, cleansing the air. Very sad.

NWO Killing Us With Chemtrails Geoengineering

Published on Dec 1, 2016

NWO Killing Us With Chemtrails Geoengineering is NOT a “conspiracy theory.” This video will show you the obvious evidence that can’t be denied.

The elite/globalists and Luciferians have implemented the most massive airial assault on the masses across this planet and even though all a person has to do is look up in the sky to see the evidence, many people still are clueless.


Research of skin problems caused by chemtrails:

Watch interview for FACTS about condensation trail lie:…

More explanation of reasons for chemtrails:…

Global Control Using Chemtrail Climate Change